Well, we made it to France. We managed to get adjacent seats on our flight (not as simple as you might think), we caught our TGV, picked up our rental car, and navigated to our first B&B. All without yet sleeping a wink. For us, it’s currently 5:30am… but we’ve got a bit of gas left, thank goodness. Tonight, we are checking out our hosts’ wine cellar before they cook us a lovely meal. We’re pretty pooped, but we may yet find the energy to wander about the village.


Us at the airport, waiting for the TGV, looking and feeling pretty weary. 🙂


A pretty little street in Tours, on a bit of a wander while waiting for our car to be ready at Avis.


I just had to stop for a photo of this.. everything here is just so beautiful.


And finally, the view from our bedroom window; this is where we’ll be for the next three days!

More excitement awaits tomorrow… adieu!


Vivre la France! Day 1


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