What a great evening and Tuesday! We had a fabulous meal last night thanks to our hosts, and today we managed to see three chateaux (one just from a distance as we’d heard it was all Disneyfied inside), have a fantastic lunch, visit a caveau for a mini wine tasting and go out for some authentic Italian pizza.

Sheena and I are pooped. Tomorrow we’ve got a winery tour lined up and we’re going to wander around Chinon some in the morning. Can’t wait!




The above were from last night’s walk in the neighborhood, then dinner ( check out the cheese selection and the homemade apple pie!) …  the following are from today.

See you tomorrow!


Mardi en Loire


3 thoughts on “Mardi en Loire

  1. Scotty B says:

    Everything looks so…lovely. Glad you guys made it there in good spirits after your marathon travel day! Keep the photos coming–maybe a little less cheese before lunchtime…

    • Oliver says:

      Less cheese… LESS cheese?!? What are you thinking man? I plan to eat all of the cheese. I can’t possibly succeed if I eat less of it. 🙂

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